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What to expect when you’re expecting foundation repair:

Church Foundation Repair is where we began in 1990, so our focus is not just in delivering a thorough, long-lasting repair from a technical standpoint, but to make sure that your overall experience is something you’ll recommend to a friend. In fact, we offer lifetime service agreements with unlimited transferability on all pilings installed by our teams.

Whether your job requires concrete pressed pilings or steel-pressed piers our materials may change, but our process remains very similar.

Most pier installations take from one to five days depending on the total number of piers needed to fix the foundation issue and whether it’s an interior or exterior installation.

For example, here are the steps we take to install segmented pilings:

Phase I – Box Digging

After we arrive at the property, we’ll break out any concrete or paving and dig doormat-size access holes beneath the grade beam. The access holes are critical to accommodate electrical outlets to power the units that will drive the pilings.

Phase II – Piling Installation

Once our access holes are dug, our team uses the power tools to press the pilings down, but the structure’s weight actually drives the pilings. As one piling is driven, another piling is placed on top of it. We repeat the process until the pilings are so deep that there’s no more resistance depending upon how soft or firm the soil around the structure is. When the pilings can go no further, we place a piling cap between the driven piling and the grade beam.

Phase III – Slab Lifting

After the piling caps have been installed, we will raise the foundation in stages, beginning with the lowest portion first. Then we’ll work around the area that needs repair and work back to the lowest area, raising it more until it’s even.

Once the foundation is elevated, our team shims the tops of the piles under the grade beam, backfills the holes, patches the concrete and replants the plants. But it’s not complete until the customer approves it during a final walk-through.

If your home or business needs a new foundation, contact us to learn about inspections, assessments and FREE estimates.