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Determining the cost of repairing a home’s foundation in Houston depends upon a number of factors. The key to keeping costs down is to take care of any issues as soon as you can before they become major problems. Cracked foundations typically don’t happen overnight. They’re the result of weeks, months or years of stress-causing conditions like:

  • constantly shifting soil
  • soil that drains poorly or pools water
  • expanding clay
  • soil that’s compacted poorly
  • poor home maintenance or neglect

All of these conditions can result in a crack showing up on your exterior wall one day or, suddenly, doors won’t close all of the way or they mysteriously swing open.

Without a thorough evaluation, it’s impossible to give an accurate cost assessment since repair has so many factors like:

  • How widespread the damage is
  • Where the foundation is damaged
  • The type of foundation: concrete slab or pier and beam (Church Foundation Repair does not work on pier and beam foundations)
  • How the repair is done.
  • What kind of soil your foundation lies on
  • How the estimate is calculated

Church Foundation Repair would never quote a foundation repair over the phone. Many times, we’ll conduct an evaluation and discover that the home doesn’t need foundation repair at all. Or the repair isn’t as extensive as you may have thought.

Sometimes the damage can look worse than it really is. By the same token, it can also be worse than it actually looks.

Questions to Help Estimate the Price of Foundation Repairs?

The more questions you ask about the cost of foundation repair, the more peace of mind you’ll have knowing that you’re making the right decision.

Before you hire any company to repair your foundation, ask them:

  • What foundation repair method do you use?
  • How do you calculate your charges?
  • What factors do you use to determine what repairs are needed?
  • Are there any add-on or extra charges that may be incurred after you begin the repairs?
  • How many homes has the company repaired?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What permits will the company need to get the job done?
  • Does the company have all of the proper insurance?
  • Can they provide you with at least five referrals from clients they’ve serviced in the last year?

Getting an Accurate, Thorough Estimate on Foundation Repair in Houston

At Church Foundation Repair, we don’t want you to get surprised by an invoice that’s so off your original estimate, you get sticker shock. We make sure our foundation inspections incorporate your entire home – the full home elevation profile, if you will, so that your invoice matches your estimate.

Knowing how extensive the foundation damage is and exactly where it’s located helps us give you a more accurate estimate up front with no surprises at the end. If you’re experiencing foundation issues, call us to schedule a free evaluation.