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Since 1989, our Houston foundation repair people have helped thousands of homeowners in the Oklahoma, DFW, Austin and Houston, Texas areas overcome some of the most punishing foundation conditions in the country. With its clay soil near the top of the ground, Texas and parts of Oklahoma have some of the worse conditions and climate that can make foundations unstable.

The perfect climate for the perfect foundation repair company

We don’t have to tell you about Houston’s brutal tropical climate. Our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico provides a power cell for late summer seasonal downpours that drop thousands of gallons of water on our area — sometimes in just hours. Once the clay soil absorbs the moisture, it expands and pushes up against your home’s slab. That pressure alone can be enough to crack your foundation.

But, as often times is the case, when the dryer weather comes, that same soil contracts relieving the pressure on those same areas.

Most concrete stabs are designed to withstand a certain about of movement, but in extreme wet weather that’s quickly followed by extreme dry weather, there’s only so much a slab can take. This means that it can leave voids or soft areas for the slab to fall into.

Look for doors that stick, cracking ceilings and interior as well as exterior walls—all are obvious and easy-to-detect signs that you may have a foundation issue.

Check your foundation repair company’s ratings

When looking for a top foundation repair company in Houston, always check the company’s reputation and credentials. In most cases, the company has been reviewed by past customers on Google or on the social media platform, Facebook. If you see an unfavorable review, don’t hesitate to reach out to the company to find out what happened. Often times, the company will post a response to a bad review if they pay attention to their customers.

Remember, every story has two sides.

Church Foundation Repair services and features:

  • Free repair cost estimate
  • All slab repairs come with a lifetime transferable warranty
  • Bonded and insured
  • Easy financing
  • Concrete slab foundation repair
  • Sewer line testing and repair
  • Foundation drainage solutions

Our proprietary technique is designed to fix your foundation for the life of your home. But, just for added assurance, your lifetime transferrable warranty on your slab repair gives peace of mind to both you and whoever lives in your home after you.

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